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With an emphasis on engineering and other types of technical design, Xelerated Solutions has extensive experience in the development of spreadsheet solutions. We take pride in providing very powerful solutions through the inclusion of specially developed security, support and documentation features. Visit our spreadsheet pages or, better yet, download our unique demonstration spreadsheet to explore our unique approach to spreadsheet solutions.

AutoCAD Design and Development


Xelerated Solutions can help in the development of 2D AutoCAD automation solutions. We offer a unique and powerful keyboard command entry system which greatly decreases drafting time. Visit our AutoCAD pages to learn how you can significantly increase your drafting productivity through the use of Xelerated Solutions' AutoCAD automation.

Personal Programmable Calculators Design and Development

Programmable Calculators

Xelerated Solutions strongly believes in the continuing viability of personal programmable calculators. They are a powerful, readily available, yet often overlooked, automation resource. Many people just do not take the time to learn how to use these wonderful tools. Visit our Personal Programmable Calculator pages to learn what these little machines can do for you.

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