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AutoCAD Solutions

Xelerated Solutions has AutoCAD experience with both AutoLISP and VBA programming. Our system relies heavily on the use of construction lines. This method is, in our opinion, far superior to other methods and is very intuitive, especially to those who learned drafting the old-fashioned "manual" way. We have developed many macros that greatly improve upon AutoCAD's native application. Whether you are a new drafter just learning how to draw or an experienced drafter trying to finally make the switch from manual to computer-aided drafting, using our construction line base approach will make the transition as easy and intuitive as possible.

Xelerated Solutions' flagship offering is a unique two- or three-character keyboard command entry system which allows the input of most commands with one hand while the other hand works with the mouse. We have used and improved this system for many years and can guarantee that it will significantly increase your drafting productivity. (We have even taught a marketing person how to use it. Now that's easy!)


If you have a question about AutoCAD automation that you are developing, Xelerated Solutions hosts an on-line discussion forum. Visit the forum by clicking on the discussion link above and tap into the vast amount of knowledge available. The answer is out there.


If you run into more difficult problems than can be resolved using the on-line discussion forum, Xelerated Solutions can help. Click on the consultation link above to learn more.


If you would like us to develop a solution for you, Xelerated Solutions offers complete start to finish turn-key AutoCAD automation services. We also can help you revise outdated or incorrectly functioning AutoCAD automation. You may access our services on a job-by-job contractual basis or retain us to provide ongoing development and maintenance services. Click on the development link above to learn more about our quality and professional AutoCAD automation services, and to see examples and testimonials.

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